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When studying the prices for stucco molding from different brands, you may have a completely logical question: “Why is there such a difference in price?” Sometimes a low price can even scare away a potential buyer and he will take more. In the case of stucco decoration, this would be a little unfair. Having been selling polyurethane decor for a relatively long time, listening to feedback from customers and designers who cooperate with us, and relying on our own experience of use, we can say with complete confidence that there is no bad stucco molding. Each brand has its own unique features, traits, policies, philosophies...

classic home stucco in the interior

Products from Classic Home have one of the lowest prices on the market. But this price is justified by the colossal sales volumes. The main idea of the management of the Classic Home company is to popularize stucco, which the marketing department does excellently. Using modern technologies and innovative environmentally friendly developments, Classic Home produces high-quality and competitive premium products. The plant of the enterprise, as well as the main offices of the management, are located in China, and the products are sold to almost all European countries, as well as to the countries of North and South America.

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classic home stucco on the ceiling

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All brand products Classic Home, presented in our online store you can Buy with delivery in Kyiv, and Ukraine. Before placing an order, we strongly recommend that you read the full product catalog. You can place your order by phone or through our convenient electronic shopping cart. If you want to personally look at the product “live” — welcome to our office-warehouse, which is located at Academician Krymsky 4a.